The Ojai Art Center Theater announces auditions for “On Golden Pond.


Written by Ernest Thompson

Co-directed by Tony Award winner Craig Anderson, (who directed OGP on Broadway) and Richard Camp


Auditions will be held October 20th from 1-5 p.m. at the Ojai Art Center Theater, 113 W. Montgomery St., Ojai, CA…and October 21st from 1-4 p.m. in the Sonshine Room of the Ojai Presbyterian Church, 304 Foothill Rd., Ojai, CA.  (October 21 is Ojai Day and the main drag downtown will be blocked.  The Church will be easier to access.)


Performances are January 26th – February 18th.  Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2.

There will a couple of read-throughs in early December, with rehearsals beginning on January 2nd.

Please bring a resume and a head shot to the audition.  Sides will be provided.  Please familiarize yourself with the play.  Although this is an open call, you may contact the co-director, Richard Camp, for an appointment:  campsaari@aol.com


The character of ETHEL THAYER is pre-cast


NORMAN THAYER:  79 years old.  On the one hand he is boyish and peppery, having hung onto his vigor and his humor, but at the same time, he is grand, he has a manner, a way of speaking and carrying himself.


CHARLIE MARTIN: The Mailman.  Big, round, weatherbeaten face, smiling eyes, a laugher, but not exactly “deficient.”  In his own simple, rustic way he can be quite charming.  Mid-40’s – 50’s.  He still carries a torch for Chelsea from their younger days.


CHELSEA THAYER WAYNE:  Late 30’s- early 40’s.  Ethel and Norman’s daughter.  Pretty, perhaps the tiniest bit heavy, athletic and tan, a nervous edge to her and plenty of her father’s humor.


BILLY RAY:  13 yrs. old.  Flippant, but only to cover his awkwardness.  Eager and bright.  His hair is long, his posture terrible.


BILL RAY:  Mid 40’s-early 50’s.  Attractive, well-dressed.  Chelsea’s fiancé.  A tad self-serious but with a good sense of humor when he remembers to use it.